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By Allah's grace, I secured first rank for NEET MDS exam 2017 conducted by National Boards of Examination. We were unaware of how the questions would come. I went through all the textbooks, previous papers and solved as many MCQ's as possible but still I did not get any confidence. 
I searched a lot online and finally decided to join Dental Pulse Academy. Initially I was bit unsure and slowly as the weekly classes kept going my marks along with the All India DPA ranking improved my understanding of the subject became better. The teaching faculty has brilliant teachers who make the topic easy by simplifying the basics and by focusing on exam concepts. The online NEET simulated exams are such a good feature of DPA.  The features of the explanation and the progress graph made me concentrate on my weak areas which was crucial to my success. My mentors; Jose Paul Sir and Byju Paul Sir always took care of their students and constantly motivated us to do well. I cannot THANK them enough for all the support and guidance during my crucial phase. All I did was follow their guidance with full trust and I got my seat!
According to me, the key to success is by correct scheduling to study different subjects and revising regularly. Never lose hope and study well, pray well. As our dear Satheesh sir said, “We at DPA show you the path to MDS, ultimately it is all up to how you decide to follow it”. Finally all I can say is Sir, you showed the path and I followed it whole-heartedly and I got 1st! 
May God bless u all…

Finding the right MENTOR was the KEY to my success...

I thank God, my family members, well wishers, friends and Satheesh Sir for helping me gett my 1st rank in AIIMS. Words can’t express my joy, at times I still cant believe it myself. Honestly saying I was very disheartened with my performance in NEET, I tried a lot of methods and they didn't provide me that additional help and motivation I needed. 
I then started looking for alternatives and joined Dental Pulse Academy, and to this day I still remember the first time I spoke to Satheesh Sir, all he said was " Focus on AIIMS, forget about the past". Since then he has been the main person motivating me to excel. As a PG aspirant, we all know that it is easy to get material to study from everywhere, but a good mentor is the one who guides and shows you the way.. For me that guide was Satheesh Sir, he motivated me and that made a huge difference in my preparation and outlook towards the exams. 
The online simulated AIIMS exams which was given by DPA were exact to the AIIMS final exam that I gave. I must thank all the staff at DPA who made such precise AIIMS oriented question papers, by solving these questions right helped me boost my conficence. Along with that I constantly kept updating my progress to Sir for asking him for improvement and Satheesh Sir always made it a point to speak in depth with me.. I thank him for his support and love that got me through. He is a gem of a person. I can proudly say that I am Satheesh Sir's student and I thank everyone from DPA who helped me getting my  AIIMS 1st rank..


Hard work is the key to success. It is also the reason I secured 2nd rank in PGI. If you are determined enough and dedicate yourself, you will achieve your dreams.  I am grateful to Dr Vikas  for his constant support and belief in me. The DPA PGI crash course at Chandigarh gave me that extra boost to excel. It was such a well-structured programme, that covered all the must know topics that made my preparation easier.
Along with reading the textbooks, DENTAL PULSE and DENTAL EXPLORE books were helpful because of its extensive and latest questions. 
Ultimately how you plan and study is all that is important. Any person who is willing to push themselves harder will succeed. I just believe in that; it worked for me and it can work for anyone.


I am thankful to God, my parents & brothers for their support and blessings. I thank the ENTIRE DPA TEAM especially the DPA at Chennai Centre. The teachers are warm and friendly and gave wonderful classes, tests, topic discussions & quizzes. 
I thank all my gurus' right from my school till today who have made me what I am today. I would like to convey my special thanks to Vinodh Sir and Shruthi Mam who had more confidence in me and this helped me during my darkest hours. I would have been lost without their guidance. They made changes in every class to give us the best class and were available even at midnight to clarify our doubts. Thank you Sir and Mam for your support & guidance it's because of your support and love that I made it. Words are not enough for me to say  how grateful I am...


Thank you will be too small a word to express my gratitude towards team DPA (Dental Pulse Academy). Apart from the really useful classroom sessions, doubt discussions through their “telegram feature”, excellent faculty members and endless number of online/offline tests, the amount of motivation and encouragement I got was immense..
When I was struggling to grasp a straw in the uncertainties of acquiring a berth in MDS entrance test, it was team DPA who came to my rescue. I had an ambition and DPA showed me the way
I joined the classroom course of DPA Kolkata on the first day of the session which was shortly after passing out final year. And till the last day I was enriched with knowledge that removed my deficiencies in some way or other. I was always encouraged to think of achieving my target in the most practical ways. I was taught to come out of indecisions while choosing the most appropriate answer of the MCQs in which all the options seemed to be correct.
Deepesh Sir managed time even on Saturdays to take extra classes & update us with all the required information. Difficult concepts were explained in such a lucid way that I never had to tax my brain to remember them again! My sudden panic attacks at odd times were always dealt with so much of understanding and I was assured of success every time! 
Gyanander sir taught us to think like a topper and attempt the exam like a topper. I can't explain how much this helped when temporarily I almost lost my sanity after seeing the question paper. But then those words rang in my mind and it kept my hopes alive to face the situation calmly.
Last but not the least I have to thank our MAIN GURU at DPA, Dr. Satheesh Sir – He motivates and believes in you so much that it drives you to bring out the best in you. He was sure that I'll be getting a good rank when I was not sure of myself.
DPA helped me a lot in getting my All India 12th RANK and 2nd RANK in Kolkata
Thank You so much DPA!

THANK YOU DPA @ DELHI and a special thanks to my mentor DR. GYANANDER SIR!

I am immensely grateful to the almighty, my parents, and all my friends and teachers who supported me during my journey to peruse my goal. But mostly Dr. Gyanander sir and Dr. Satheesh sir-the dynamic duo, constantly were guiding me and supporting me. At times when I felt low and dejected, their kind “words of motivation” helped me sail through all my apprehensions as I was almost about to give up out of fear. 
Any MDS aspirant will understand how hard and tough the journey is, but DPA made it seem easy, all I did was follow the subject pattern which was given to us. 
In that way, joining DPA was the best choice I made as I was constantly updated with the latest trends in upcoming AIIMS, PGI and NEET exams along with clarity on all the controversial questions and the online test exams which are exactly similar to the final NEET exam, made a huge difference in building my confidence. A big thank you to the whole DPA team, who helped me secure 1st rank in NEET Assam, it was a wonderful and beautiful experience.


Most awaited moment has finally came. With God grace I finally got Prosthodontics in GDC Amritsar. I want thank to my mentor's at DPA Vikas Gupta sir and Pushpinder Sandhu mam who always helped me a lot even in their busy schedule to achieve my 7th RANK IN NEET PUNJAB!  All discussions and efforts made after exam by sir and mam till counselling. Vikas sir's ideas n advice always kept me charged and motivated during my exam days and made it possible to achieve my goal. Dental Pulse Academy test series has played very important role in journey, it gave ideas to crack exams. 
I made the right choice by choosing DPA and my hard work and choice of DPA paid off by me getting the rank.

Hard work and satheesh sir's advice is the only thing a student needs during preparation.

I thank God, my parents and Satheesh Sir for my rank! Dental Pulse Academy faculty always supported me a lot and I would like to thank each and every one. The teachers are very cooperative and considerate. The lectures delivered during the classes were very helpful to me. Along with this, the online NEET simulated exams and the continuous  evaluations made my path easy. But it was Satheesh Sir's constant motivation and faith in me that made me work hard, Sir made my dream a reality. He always took the time to speak to each student individually with so much affection and care; it was his kind words only that made me improve and get better after each exam. No matter what I become or what I do in life, I will always know that Satheesh Sir has been instrumental in shaping my life. To every student who is giving the exam, all I can say is put your full faith in Sir and also do hard work, you will achieve anything.


Getting 5th rank in PGI is a dream come true for me. There are so many people who helped me – my family, my friends & well-wishers and the staff of DPA who organised such an informative PGI crash course. In those two days, I was immensely benefited in understanding the tough topics in clarity.
It is well said that a good beginning is half done. And for the beginning of preparation, nothing is better than DENTAL PULSE.  The synopsis covers very much important topics, that too in an easier way which helped me lot! I will say DENTAL PULSE is the base, and once you go thoroughly to it, everything becomes easier. I myself have read DENTAL PULSE 5 to 6 times, and every time, I was finding certain new things. I will suggest all PG aspirants to go through every single line of this precious book. Not only for beginning, but also to brush up knowledge in last days.

Dental Pulse Academy is renowned Academy providing true inspirational and motivational spirit for PG aspirants under guidance of experienced faculty.

Dental Pulse Academy is providing way to success to many students from long time. Our mentors and guides, especially Pushpinder mam and Vikas sir are very hardworking and guided us at every step. I highly appreciate their efforts for creating positiveness and encouraging us always.

Thanking ‘The Almighty’ first for his grade & family & friends for always being supportive. Imbibing knowledge & working hard is no doubt important but what is even more important is working hard in a Right Direction under a right guidance & keeping the perseverance alive & I thank Dental Pulse Academy ChandigarhPushpinder mamVikas sir for being a guiding light & boosting my morale every time I fell. Their relentless efforts have helped overcome all odds that we face during preparation right from time management to updating us with level of competition going on through authentic test series and brainstorming discussion sessions. Privileged to be a part of DPA family.

Now a days the books we follow becomes more important as there are lots of controversial questions being asked in AIIMS and AIPGDE exam. Dental Explore provides authentic questions and answers (specially S.R. Ship) which makes the task to crack exam easier. I wish all the PG aspirants for upcoming exams.

I would like to thank DPA & Dental Explore Team who played a key role in my success. Notes and study material provided by DPA and Dental Explore helped me a lot to solve recent and controversial  questions.

I must say it’s a very easy exam to crack all your need is constant hard work and good guidance. I am extremely thankful to god for his blessings and opportunity he gave me to come in contact with Dental Pulse Academy and some of very helpful seniors who helped me throughout my preparation.

In the end I must say Dental explore is a very useful book for every PG aspirant as it contains correct answers i.e.,  genuine explanation.  Authors are giving untiring efforts for each and every controversial questions.

All the best.

Thanks to Dental Pulse Academy for supporting me by providing  the question bank to overcome my fear of nothing. Today i m what because of dental pulse academy thanks to Dr.Satheesh Sir, Dr.Gyanander Sir, Dr. Vijay, Dr. Arjun, Dr. Anuj,  Dr. Vivek Malik last but not least my parents who always supported me thanks a lottttt  DPA....

To begin with, I would like to thank Dr.Gyanander Attresh & Dental Pulse Academy for their complete support and help during my preparatory phase. nowadays the competitive nature of entrance exams for MDS course has increased to such an extent a single silly mistake can cost you a year; so it is necessary to have command on basics of the subjects and questions of previous examinations of AIPG & AIIMS.

Dental Pulse Academy
helps you in achieving this with their meticulously planned test series that is focused on basics of topic & revising the topic again & again which is utmost important. To start with preparation for various MDS entrance examination you must first get oriented with different exam patterns & how questions are asked & basic knowledge of all the subjects whether clinical or non-clinical. Dental Pulse is undoubtedly the best book available to get you oriented and start the preparation for any entrance examination with its vast question bank garnered from various examinations and detailed synopsis of each & every topic. You must stress a lot on the previous examination papers of both Dental and Medical. It is very important to know right answers , especially that of controversial questions which gives you an edge. Dental Explore is a book which has been able to achieve maximal accuracy in relation to solving these problems.

Keep your preparation simple, focus on the basics of subjects, prepare dental subjects very well, and revise previous year examination papers of medical and dental AIPG and AIIMS again and again. Also try to find out right answers of controversial questions asked. Last and also the most important thing stay calm and enjoy every movement of this phase, cherish it and never quit until you have achieved what you have desired it.

To realise your dreams for that matter getting selected in any exams along with hard work and will power, support and guidance towards right path are indispensable. I would like to thank Dental Pulse Academy for their immense support and guiding me in right direction during my preparation. The thing which according me are necessary and that can help you in your selection are:

  1. Decide to be MDS and after that there is no looking back, march towards your goal without any 2nd thought, without any kind of doubt.
  2. Most important is to collect matter for preparation, collect everything that needed for preparation and start preparing.
  3. Schedule yourself as needed. You are unique in your own ways and every individual has his own style of studying. You don't need to imitate anybody's method of studying. Study the way you comfortable with and suits your plan things custom made.
  4. Hard work along with 3 'P's i.e., Persistence, Perseverance and Patience are most important things that you should try to possess and inculcate in you.
  5. Trust Yourself, The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own Arm.

All the Best for all the aspirants and thanks to Dental Pulse Academy for being the guide light in my success.

Thanks to Dental Pulse Academy for providing great support n guidance without which it would have been almost impossible for me to taste the fruit of success.

Special thanks to Dr. Gyanender Attresh who always supported me and motivated as on when needed. Both the volumes of Dental Pulse are most comprehensive for topic-wise study of all subjects which are regularly being updated as well. Apart from that special release 'Dental Explore' helped me in revising important questions frequently asked in AIIMS and AIPG. Moreover explanations given in this book were tremendous and helped me in cracking new questions as well. I thank Dental Pulse Academy and authors of both books and wish they continue to show path of success to other aspirants as well.

First of all i am thankful to almighty who gave me chance to share my experience and give me one of the pleasant gift of my life. I would also like to thanks Dental Pulse Academy and dedicate this success to this institute. It’s the result of hard work of Dr Satheesh Reddy and Dr Gyanendar Attresh who guided me at each and every step of my struggle. Test series provided by this academy is very authentic and much simulated to AIPG and AIIMS question bank. This institute made me realise my weakness and I worked accordingly.

I would also like to thanks all of my friends who worked hard for solving controversial questions. In total it’s a cumulative effect to achieve a success. Last but not least I would like to thank my parents and my brother for their blessings and  for being a pillar of strength through tough times.

Dental Explore
is one of the most authentic book in market for AIPG and AIIMS question bank. Dr Gyanander Attresh and his team worked hard to maintain trust of their followers by releasing fully corrected version of AIIMS and AIPG. And I am sure this will help all of  aspirants a great deal in achieving success.