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Dear MDS aspirants,

It is indeed a pleasure to introduce DENTAL PULSE ACADEMY to all of you!

Preparing for their MDS entrance exam is not an easy task. Statistics reveal that on an average every year more than 15,000 B.D.S graduates become eligible for the competitive exams. To add to this, there is a mounting pressure due to the relatively few seats available and the ever-rising competition.

Thus, the correct and right guidance can make a lot of difference at this crucial junction! We at Dental Pulse Academy make it our goal to help you get your desired seat. All the faculty members of Team Dental Pulse are highly qualified and we committed to encourage and share our vast experience and skills with you. On completion of your coaching with us, you can swim in any water and tackle any problem head-on throughout your dental career.

“When there is nothing in you and you've lost all the hopes. Hold on!".  Join the Dental Pulse Academy, and write your own destiny. We stand by you.

Wishing all of you the best of luck.

Dr. Satheesh Kumar K.,
Managing Director
M/s. Dental Pulse Academy & M/s. Swapna Medical Publishers,