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If you go to any book store there would be ‘n’ number of post graduate entrance books available. But what if all the top and leading authors of the era Dr. Satheesh Kumar K. (Dental Pulse fame); Dr. Gowri Sankar (DenTest and Dental Bytes fame); Dr. Gyanander Attresh (Dental Explore fame); Dr. Swapna M. (Dental Pulse fame) come under one roof!!!

Yes, all the top authors are under one roof to train the PG aspirants. This is a rare opportunity for the aspirants to make the maximum use of these pioneers and make their dream a reality.

Our Academic Directors:-

Dr. Satheesh Kumar K.: Community Dentist; Along with Dr. Swapna M., redefined the PG preparation ever since the launch of magnificent Dental Pulse in the year 2005 which has broken all time records in sales.

Dr. Swapna: Endodontist & Author of DENTAL PULSE book, topper during her PG entrance.

Dr. Gyanander Attresh: Oral surgeon & Author of DENTAL EXPLORE, The No.1 Book for AIIMS and AIPG exams. Through his book, he has created a number of toppers in AIPG and AIIMS exams.

Our Faculty Members: “Dental Pulse Academy” is backed by more than 50 expert faculty members, who cleared their master degree from best Post-Graduate institutes of India.